Great person, very professional and honest. Thank you for your advice.

Dayana Manrique - 26th September 2020


I can highly recommend Naim Ladak of “Inspire to Change”. He is prompt, courteous, very professional and his approach is one that definitely works. I just completed session 7 (3 sessions a week) and I have noticed a dramatic increase in my core strength, upper body and overall cardio fitness. I have started to notice my waist, back, shoulders and hips/upper thighs changing shape, slimming down in areas and toning up. I am combining a healthy diet with the PT and Naim is able to offer advice on this if needed.
Naim’s approach is very clever in that he starts off with a level that you can achieve and week on week as he observes improvements, he will make modifications and gently push you to doing more. He does a combination of weight training and cardio which work very well together.
Tel: 07714 254020

Vicky Damani - 18th August 2020


Always on time, very professional and very helpful to gain your goals.

Abdul Wahab - 10th July 2020


Naim is a very professional personal trainer. He motivates and helps you to go further in your skills.

Fatou Kebe - 6th July 2020


Nice to work out and have a nice chat at the same time😊 Good trainer.

Shamaya Robinson - 4th July 2020


Naim is a professional. He gets the balance right between motivating you and supporting you to achieve your full potential. I’ve had excellent results and recommend him highly.

Asad Bashir - 24th June 2020


He is an amazing personal trainer. He always pushes me to have the best session and he also motivates me a lot to keep doing the exercises. He makes sure I am always fine with the exercise before doing them. Very recommended.

Olga Garcia - 23rd March 2020


Naim has been training my sons aged 12 and 15. He has built a good rapport with them and motivated them during their 1 hr PT session. He always provides a reliable friendly service.

Selina Marsden - 7th February 2020


Naim is very friendly and very professional. He helps you to train and makes sure you use all your potential in the sessions he pushes you to the limit in a very nice and kind way. He is a very relaxed person so that you don't feel like you are in a "military" session. Always very punctual and knows how to get you motivated as you can’t get an excuse for not training. I would highly recommended.

Natacha Charania - 5th February 2020


I wanted to get fitter/lose weight but as a working/single mum was struggling to find the time to go to the gym, so decided to get a PT who would come to my house on a regular basis. Naim responded to my ad and I decided to give it a go. We have now been training for 6 months. I haven’t lost weight yet (next step is to look into my diet with a nutritionist) but I am definitely getting stronger; there are quite a few exercises that I couldn’t do at the beginning that I now can and our sessions have got much more intense over the months. Naim is adapting our program as I am improving to keep me challenged, he pushes me in a subtle way and it works. He is very reliable, punctual and flexible. I thoroughly recommend him.

Lyse Lewis - 2nd January 2020


PT with Naim was good, always on time , very calm person , myself and my sis in law trained together , in 20 sessions we noticed small changes on much more fitter we felt .. would recommend Naim

Rupal Patel - 24th November 2019


Naim is very professional and passionate about his work. I am happy with the training, I’ve lost 4 pounds in 4 weeks! The workout routines are well planned and effective. I will not hesitate to recommend him.

Nesha Holas - 31st October 2019


Naim is very professional and provides lots of useful tips on staying fit and healthy. Nice manners and reliable

Diana Connelly - 8th September 2019


Thank you for such a great workout in every session we been doing. Naim is a great personal trainer he targets on problem area and mixes up the sessions with weight and bursts of cardio. Thank you for such a great work out!!

Pamela Lall - 2nd July 2019


Can not fault Naim in the slightest. He is extremely professional and has a great knowledge of key areas! He’s extremely motivating and answers a questions that we have. He also tailors the session to suit both me and my husband!

Anjali Thanki - 24th June 2019


I find Naim to be very accommodating and knows his stuff. He’s very calm & collected but pushes to see results. We do a mixture of weight training, HIIT training & body weighted exercises which I think work very well. I can already see improvements in my fitness and in my breathing. I’m looking forward to some more sessions.

Amit Nayyar - 23rd June 2019


Naim has been fantastic. I was training for my first marathon (London 2019) and my wife arranged these sessions as a present. They have been fantastic, they massively helped increase my core strength and stamina for a successful race. I have also carried on the sessions to continue help improving my running. The taylored routine has worked really well for helping me achieve my targets. I would highly recoemmend him!

Stuart Cassidy - 11th June 2019


Naim is a fantastic trainer! He is such a kind person and really gives you a great work out! He always takes the time to answer questions and make recommendations. My partner and I have been training with him for 5 weeks now and can totally see and feel the difference!

Julie Sweeney - 23rd April 2019


Naim is a great trainer and very punctual. He has helped me a lot with my core strength and cardio. I am doing 2 session per week. He keeps the same exercises for each day so you actually have 2 different programmes, day 1 and day 2 and you get to train your entire body. When we finish our sessions I hope to be able to stick to this routine and continue the exercises on my own.

Angie R - 19th March 2019


After 10 sessions I’m really happy with what Naim has helped me achieve. He has a great manner, calm and encouraging, and works you really hard whilst making it feel effortless as his expertise means you don’t have to think about anything. I’ll definitely carry on training with Naim, it’s so effective and worth the investment.

Chloe Davies - 6th March 2019


Been training with Naim now for five sessions. As I'd not done any training before, I was sceptical. However, I've definitely seen results with Naim in my posture, fitness and weight lossI'm particularly impressed with the fact Naim Is extremely responsive. I've had questions outside of sessions and Naim has always replied with super helpful information Looking forward to my next sessions.

Alexander Mayo - 3rd March 2019


Did my 10th session with Naim. Feel good after 10 sessions as I could see and feel the transformation. My first two sessions we’re the most difficult one but he kept telling it will get easier as I was thinking they won’t but I was wrong. I have recognise the strength I have been building over the 5 weeks. I am wnjying my workout as I get to different exercise in each sessions and the one I enjoyed the most. Naim great work hope to keep up with it in future sessions...

Sukhdeep Kaur - 1st February 2019


I’ve just finished my x20 sessions with Naim and I’m so glad I invested the time to engage a professional trainer into my fitness regime (or lack thereof). My original goal.. was to look like Kate Moss... I then realised that my lifestyle and body shape would mean that goal was unatainable 😉... so I swapped to a more realistic goal of being fitter and being able to do a plank for longer than 30secs at a time! Suffice to say, I’m on my second round of PT and look forward to my 60sec plank at the end of this series. Naim is calm, but when needed he’s firm, and gives you the right amount of encouragement to push yourself that little bit harder when you’re tired! I’ve lost inches and weight, which are great. But most of all I’ve gained confidence, strength and focus! I would recommend Naim without any hesitation for anyone looking to start a journey where fitness, wellbeing and1:1 coaching are at the forefront of what you’re looking for!

Victoria Usher - 28th December 2018


As someone who was apprehensive to start training I’ve enjoyed working out with Naim. He is encouraging and pleasant to work with. Iv felt my fitness levels increase and enjoyed the sessions realising I can push myself harder than expected. Thanks Naim!

Samiksha G - 10th December 2018


Naim is friendly and punctual.He provides lots of equipment to train with.

Sarah Parker - 2nd December 2018


Very good personal trainer, he is proffesional and very helpful! I recommend.

Mirela Costandache - 1st December 2018


I have been working with Naim for almost 2 months and have felt a very significant difference in my overall fitness and well-being. Within the first few weeks, I could feel my level of strength and stamina building. I was anxious of how I would be after 2 years of limited exercise and have felt my confidence grow during the last 2 months. I no longer get tired over menial physical activity, which has been really beneficial for me. Naim is very supportive with the advice and guidance that he provides and motivates me to continue with the tougher workouts. The exercise plan is very useful and I know I will invest a lot more time on this when at home. Naim has a lot of knowledge and expertise in this field and would highly recommend him.

Kirandeep Grewal - 13th November 2018


Very thoughtful, very dedicated and punctual with a real passion for what he does. Would recommend highly.

Kelley Doak - 15th October 2018


I am not someone who enjoys fitness but for health reasons had to undertake a regime to decrease weight, body fat and blood pressure. Working with Naim has been inspirational. He motivates me and has encouraged me to the point I now look forward to our sessions. He is attentive and invested and really knows his stuff. It has been a pleasure employing his services and I started to see real results after only a few sessions. I would recommend to anyone thinking of a personal trainer!

Faye Laws - 11th October 2018


Naim is an absolutely fantastic trainer. His routine really pushes both me and my partner. Already feeling much fitter. I really enjoy the variety of exercises too. Couldn't recommend him more!!

Beth Walsh - 3rd October 2018


Naim is very professional. I can feel the difference after only 3 sessions!

Laura Pivac - 13th August 2018


Naim is amazing, my partner and I started working out with him about 3 months ago and we can see and feel the results. He’s always pushing us and helping us to reach our goals. Couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer.

Emanuele Serra - 8th August 2018


I have been training with Naim for nearly four weeks and I have already seen improvements in my strength, endurance as well as some weight loss.Naim provided a platform to discuss my training goals and has proved to be a very knowledgeable, accommodating and dedicated trainer, who sets a good example and is an inspiration.Being self employed it was always a struggle to find a gym routine. I have now found training with Naim more flexible as I am able to select my training time and location.Training has now become an enjoyable experience, especially as I am now seeing results!

Stacey Knight - 4th August 2018


I am very happy that I chose Naim. He definitely makes you work hard but that means that you get results. Since working with Naim, I’ve gotten a lot stronger and fitter which has made my performance better in other sports that I love! I liked that he let me do some exercises that i liked. For example, if I had done well in the previous 2 sessions then we could do some boxing in the third which was always my favourite.

Lilly Ann Bell - 2nd July 2018


Naim was very patient and understood my medical needs for fitness aswell as me wanting to lose weight. I felt a difference within the first 4 sessions with my posture and general back pain levels when seated at work all day. It was also surprising how quickly I was able to build strength and see this change in how quickly I was able to do exercises that I physically collapsed at in session 1. Overall I feel a lot fitter and motivated. Would definitely recommend.

Geeta Kailla - 17th June 2018


Naim worked me hard but he was very patient and knows his stuff!

Anna Sahakian - 10th April 2018


Great trainer to workout with will encourage you to push hard and will keep you motivated. Would definitely recommend Naim.

Fahad Nari - 30th March 2018


Naim is very professional in what he does, offering various techniques & methods in helping both my partner and I in reaching both of our goals in improving fitness, toning and firming, strength and conditioning. He’s very flexible, kind & genuine & I’m very happy to have him as our trainer. He comes to our house with all the equipment at a time convenient to us. Our sessions are intense & challenging. This translates through his motto of working hard in the hour, helping you to thrive in a short period of time. His variation of exercises & techniques used are great which keeps it fun & motivating at the same time. I would strongly recommend Naim to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness goals whatever they may be - I have just had 2 children and I find him a great fitness professional to help me get back into shape. We have both seen tremendous results and we couldn’t have done it without him.

Mathilde Blanc - 27th March 2018


Naim is very patient and still gets me to work at my maximum. The sessions are balanced and have the right intensity which is helping me achieve my goals! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jamy Arafah - 21st March 2018


Dedicated personal trainer, with good communication skills, explains the exercises that will be doing in the training sessions, and gives advise to get the best out of the training session, and explains time lines on progressing with the training, and time line on doing other exercises, and explains best way to approach exercises, and pace speeds.good quality training sessions, with out being pushed to far beyond my limits, feel good feeling after the sessions.

Crystal Watkins - 13th February 2018


I've never hired a PT before so I had no idea what to expect. Naim came to the house to show me a routine that I could go off and do by myself. I can't believe how much we got through with just 2 dunbells and an exercise ball. We used virtually no space so you could easily do this in the corner of your living room. Naim shared was very generous with his knowledge and tips. I've done the work out by myself a couple of times since. I highly recommend!

Hazel Keegan - 12th February 2018


I have had a couple of sessions with Naim, he is very professional and knowledgeable about sports. He understands your goal and help you work through it. I will definitively recommend him, he is also flexible when it comes to availability. Apart for individual sessions, I had a training session with my partner and we were feeling the results afterwards. His sessions are a good combination of cardio and weights. They are fun too.

Silvia J - 9th February 2018


Naim is such a good personal trainer always giving advice and pushing to achieve results. He is a good motivator and will help you where needed.

Claire Thompson - 8th February 2018


In short, surprisingly efficient! Naim is very professional where very politely he motivates you to keep you going. Training is scheduled and the intensity of the workout gradually increases. Having never worked out before in my life, he is patient and after 25% of my sessions I have already seen a difference.

Cynthia Chrisochoidou - 6th February 2018 


Too early to say , only one session , book him for another 10 . Very pleasant

Montse Garcia - 27th January 2018


Excellent personal trainer. Event though I had so far only 4 sessions I can feel the differences on my body. Very professional, passionate about his job and he encourage you to push your limits. As a first experience 'gym with a personal trainer' I strongly recommend you

Irina Samoila - 17th November 2017


Naim is an excellent Private trainer. Event though it has been only four weeks I can feel the differences on my body. He knows his job well and encourage you for your goal. He is very professional and you do not understand how time pass quickly while working with him. I haven't ever make gym such like this, now it is fun for me and I do not think to leave it.. I strongly recommend you.

Ozlem Ozdemir - 4th October 2017