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Key Elements of Training

The key to success is to incorporate the different methods of training no matter what your goals

Muscle Building

Muscle or body building is not only for those looking to build muscle mass, but also a key element to those who are also looking to tone & keep a lean body shape. The reason for this is that there is a direct correlation between building muscle & burning fat meaning that by building muscle you are actually promoting fat burn. The other reason is that by carrying out exercises to increase muscle mass such as your weight training, you are actually burning more energy/calories which in turn leads to increased levels of fat burn. When lifting weights, you are burning energy much quicker than if you were to do some cardio. For instance, it takes 20 mins to burn any fats whatsoever when going for a run as opposed to 5 mins when lifting weights. This is because a run takes 20 mins to burn any excess carbohydrates in your blood stream as opposed to 5 mins when lifting weights as it takes far more energy to do this. Whilst muscle building was more commonly known to men, it is now becoming more acceptable and widely used between women as well. This is because scientific research & information is more widely available & with female role models promoting weighted workouts, this prompts for more women to gain confidence. 

Weight Bar

Strength Training

Strength Training is an essential part of any training regime. Naturally, when you train your body you increase in body strength. Strength is important to keep your body strong & in good balance. Without it, any training regime or day to day activities become a uphill task. It is important to increase strength in certain areas such as your core for improved balance, coordination, improved posture & flexibility whilst it is also great for muscle toning & is used in conjunction with muscle building techniques. Lower back pain is often linked to a weak core. Strength training is also widely associated with muscle building & is used hand in hand to help increase muscle mass. To see how these techniques can help benefit you, why not book a session now?

Weight Trainer

Core Training

Core training is such a vital element when it comes to improving overall health & well being whilst also proving to be essential when reaching any of your desired goals. The key to a strong body, is to have a strong core. A strong core is linked to increasing back strength & is key to improving bodily functions. People who improve on their core strength, notice differences such as being able to do their daily activities in a much easier way such as bending down, climbing a flight of stairs or even carrying their daily shopping. Building on core strength is also linked to toning of the abdomen. To see improved results why not give me a call now?

Sit Ups

Cardio Fitness

Cardiovascular activity is key when it comes to increasing in fitness levels, improving blood flow throughout the body & increasing your v02 max. As you get fitter, you are able to take in more oxygen to the organs where needed reducing in cramps (a build up of lactic acid) which can be quite painful. You are also able to go a further distance & can come handy in a number of sports, running Marathons etc. Cardiovascular activity is also well known for promoting fat burn, however it takes 20 mins before any fat burn takes place from the beginning of exercise. In these 20 mins, carbohydrates within the blood stream are being used as a source of energy. Fat burn is most efficient at 70% of your maximum heart rate as oxygen plays an important part. Fat burn is at its highest when oxygen is readily available. When exercise is too intense and oxygen is not present, you are in danger of burning proteins taken from your muscle mass. Why not start your fitness journey now by giving me a call?

Running Machine

Endurance Training

Endurance Training is widely used when building muscle mass. It is used in conjunction with muscle building, & strength training techniques for optimised results. To achieve optimal results, lighter resistance is used with more repetitions. Why not call now to start your journey?

Couple Running

Flexibility Training

Flexibility Training is widely used when training for sport specific events such as gymnastics though most training regimes incorporate some aspect of flexibility training whatever your goals. Stretching is an important part of any fitness programme to help reduce injury, & is widely used to increase flexibility levels. Increased flexibility leads to improved balance, reduced pressure on joints, better posture & improves quality of training techniques. Why not book a session now to see how you can benefit from this?

Sporty Woman Stretching
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