Vicky is training with myself 3 x a week & has seen remarkable results in just over a month, starting at 70kg and now at 64kg. 

Thank you very much Olga for the lovely feedback. 

Claire has been training with myself for a couple of years & has achieved that flat tone to her stomach. 

Battle ropes are great for building core strength

Faye working out during Christmas. That’s the type of motivation that gets results! 

Giada has been training 2 x a week & has seen great results in muscle toning & weight loss!

Shez has been very consistent with his training & has increased muscle mass quite significantly. 

Luciano has been training for 3 Marathons a year, focusing more on building strength with myself. It is important to stretch regularly before & after each session. Calf stretches as seen in the photo. 

Luciano stretching his Quads. 


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