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"A healthier, happier you!"

Recognised with REPs (Register for Exercise Professionals) as a fitness professional in London, having completed my Personal Training & Sport Science Degrees, I have helped many of my clients reach their desired goals in healthy & realistic time frames. I have worked in gyms, the outdoors & client homes providing added flexibility to meet your requirements. I can help with Weight Loss, Toning, Strengthening & Conditioning, Muscle Building, Endurance, increasing Flexibility, Posture & Fitness. My training regimes are all customised depending on the client & their respective goals which will guarantee results! As it is a results based industry, my sole concern is helping my clients to reach their goals using proven methods & techniques. I will provide clients with all the necessary tools helping them to thrive throughout their fitness journey & thus allowing for a higher success rate. 

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Client Testimonials


Chloe Davies

After 10 sessions I’m really happy with what Naim has helped me achieve. He has a great manner, calm and encouraging, and works you really hard whilst making it feel effortless as his expertise means you don’t have to think about anything. I’ll definitely carry on training with Naim, it’s so effective and worth the investment.


Abdul & Asad

Naim is a professional, always on time and very helpful to gain your goals. He gets the balance right between motivating you and supporting you to achieve your full potential. We’ve had excellent results and recommend him highly.


Vicky Damani

I can highly recommend Naim Ladak of “Inspire to Change”. He is prompt, courteous, very professional and his approach is one that definitely works. I just completed session 7 (3 sessions a week) and I have noticed a dramatic increase in my core strength, upper body and overall cardio fitness. I have started to notice my waist, back, shoulders and hips/upper thighs changing shape, slimming down in areas and toning up. I am combining a healthy diet with the PT and Naim is able to offer advice on this if needed.
Naim’s approach is very clever in that he starts off with a level that you can achieve and week on week as he observes improvements, he will make modifications and gently push you to doing more. He does a combination of weight training and cardio which work very well together.
Tel: 07714 254020


Faye Laws

I am not someone who enjoys fitness but for health reasons had to undertake a regime to decrease weight, body fat and blood pressure. Working with Naim has been inspirational. He motivates me and has encouraged me to the point I now look forward to our sessions. He is attentive and invested and really knows his stuff. It has been a pleasure employing his services and I started to see real results after only a few sessions. I would recommend to anyone thinking of a personal trainer!

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